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Vinegar for Life

Almost all of the food you eat is changed first into citric acid, then into aconitic, isocitric, alpha-ketoglutaric, and four other kinds of acids in your mitochondria.  In the course of this change, these acids reduce in quantity.  The lost portion of the quantity is used to produce heat (ATP), carbon dioxide (discharged through exhalation), and water (discharged through urine and sweat).  Such change and production is caused by specific enzymes in the mitochondria.

If this process involving eight acids works smoothly, the causes of fatigue, namely, pyroracemic (pyruvic) and lactic acids, will not be produced.  Then the muscles will be soft, blood will be alkalescent as is normal, and urine will be clear.

On the other hand, if you overwork mentally or physically, or your meals are unreasonable, or if they lack in vinegar in particular, this process does not work efficiently.  Instead, it produces pyroracemic acid and lactic acid (which is composed by combining hydrogen with pyroracemic acid).  These substances are accumulated in the muscles and cause pain and fatigue.

If lactic acid is accumulated in your muscles at 0.24 - 0.40% of body fluids, you will feel fatigue;  you will be slow to respond to stimulus, and more liable to cause mistakes or accidents.  Accumulations of lactic and pyroracemic acids cause this fatigue.  The more of these that are present, the greater your fatigue.  Fatigue deprives you of vitality.  If you work in such a condition, you cannot work efficiently and will be more error-prone.  You also might experience cramping, because pyroracemic acid can paralyze the nerves.  Sometimes you may experience a cramp or stiff shoulders.  All the stiffness of the body, including death rigor, is caused by lactic acid.

It is very important for health to keep blood and other body fluids alkaline.  Two of the greatest causes which make them acidic are pyroracemic and lactic acids.  The condition of body where the blood and other body fluids are acid is called acidosis.  If your body is in acidosis, enzymes in the body cannot work well, preventing muscles from moving quickly and making you uncomfortable, touchy, and irritable.  You will also be liable to be easily defeated by bacteria, molds, or viruses.  Thus, you will be experience problem after problem.

You can overcome the troubles caused by such acids by means of your mental power and training.  For example, when everything is going well with you, you will not get tired.  When you fight with an enemy in a life-or-death battle, you will win the victory if you fight with a greater fighting spirit.  Thus, if your mental power is strong, you can fight even when tired.

If you are suffering from a disease, your will to fight against the disease is the most important factor for recovery.  In this case, however, proper medical care is assumed.