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Postage FAQs

Postage FAQS

Due to the diverse nature of goods we supply and the huge difference in weights we try to be as accomodating as possible

I have ordered my goods, when can I expect delivery?
Once your order is placed, it is assessed and will be sent out either same or next day for delivery the day after. Should there be any 'Out of Stock' items in your order, we shall hold the order provided the item(s) are due in store within 1-2 days, and when the order is complete we shall send it out then. If any 'Out of Stock' Item(s) are likely to be longer than the 1-2 days allowed, we shall inform you by Email of the 'Out of Stock' item(s) and ask for your further instructions regarding the order.

I may not be in when my goods are delivered - what can I do?
If it is likely that you may be out when goods are being delivered to you, they can be left in a safe place of your choice provided it is out of view, dry and safe from animals/pests. Should you wish to use this facility, just leave instructions in the 'Comments' box when making out your order and we shall ask our shipping provider to comply with your request. If your residence/delivery address is on a busy road/street, etc, we may not be able to arrange this service so please tell us of any possible problems in advance.

Can I have my goods delivered to someone else at another address?
We are happy to send out goods to an address other than your cards registered address and indeed, frequently do so. Just inform us of the different shipping address when making out your order and we shall make it so.

What can I expect to pay for postage?
Our policy is not to profit on postage costs and send goods out at the best possible rate we can for our customers. Our shopping cart automatically adjusts the costs based on weight and delivery area, and ensures the cheapest option is used. We use the Royal Mail for most of our deliveries and when the weight of an order passes the optimum weight in one limit, it then offers the choice to switch over to another mail service as you can see in your shopping basket prior to checkout.

I live outside the UK, can I still order goods?
We have sent goods to countries outside the UK in previous years, but postage is high for heavier items and there have also been those who take advantage of this service so we have stopped sending out abroad unless by prior arrangement. If you need to order from overseas, please advise us by email and we shall assess your request and get back to you.

My order has not arrived - what should I do?
We Always have goods sent out ASAP and if we cannot do so we inform our customers of any delays in service. Please check your Emails for notifications about orders, Check your requested area of delivery (one person forgot she said it could be placed in her outside shed and was there for days), be aware of any possible weather difficulties in getting goods to you such as flooding, snow, ice, etc. Please send us an Email asking about your order - we would prefer you to be quick to report any error in service than wait for a week of so if you feel there is a problem.

I wish to order lots of one item, is that alright?
At present we tend to hold good stocks of what we sell, but as such we can run out of items when we receive orders for the same goods. We constantly have deliveries of goods from all round the UK and stocks are replenished quickly but if we run out of stock you will be advised ASAP. Should you require larger amounts of foodstuffs especially, please give us time to get these in for despatch to you.

What if my order goes over the 24kg level?
You will only pay for the one package at whatever rate that is for your area.