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More on Fatigue and Vinegar

Vinegar Can Eliminate Fatigue

You will not be tired if pyroracemic and lactic acids are not accumulated in your body.  You can eliminate fatigue by burning and consuming the pyroracemic and lactic acids already present.  For this purpose, you have to make the citric acid cycle work well, which is the process where each one of eight acids is changed to another in turn, as mentioned earlier.

The oxaloacetic acid plays the most important role for a smooth work of this cycle.  It would be the most desirable if we could supply the cycle this acid for its good work.  But this acid cannot be used as medicine for that purpose because it is oxidized easily.  Some substitutes for it can be chosen to act as the medicine of fatigue.  These are the seven acids which work in the citric acid cycle with the oxaloacetic acid, asparagine, and glutamic acid from which those seven acids are composed, and acetic acid, which is the original form of fatty acids.

Acetic acid can eliminate fatigue, because it is changed to citric acid by combining with oxaloacetic acid with the help of CoEnzyme A and ATP (adensosine triphosphate).

Why is it that the oxaloacetic acid plays the most important role in the citric acid cycle?  It is because this acid has the capability of decarbonation or drawing out carbon dioxide from other substances.  This is essential for the citric acid cycle as well as over fourteen other chemical reactions in our body.

Dr. Virtanen, a Finnish scientist, studied oxaloacetic acid extensively and was awarded a Nobel prize in 1945 for his "Study on Oxaloacetic Acid."  His work and the importance of this acid were not known to the world, however, possibly because of the social unrest after the end of World War II.  Even our National Diet Library, the greatest library in Japan, has no treatises written by him.

More on Fatigue

Can we work without fatigue for our life, if only we take vinegar sufficiently?  No.  We cannot entirely prevent fatigue, because we can not fully supply oxygen through our lungs to our blood.  That system brings the oxygen to muscles, which lose ATP rapidly and require more oxygen to produce ATP continuously.  This miraculous system is not perfectly efficient.  The citric acid cycle works in hundreds of mitochondria in each cell, and the process of change of the acids progresses at a speed of 2 - 3 cycles a second.  If we take any of the acids which reduce fatigue, the citric acid cycle works better.  This can dissolve the lactic and pyroracemic acids in only about two hours.

However, the more tired we are, the more acid we need to take to eliminate such fatigue.  Lactic acid, one of the main causes of fatigue, is combined with muscles and produces protein lactate, which stiffens them.  This protein lactate cannot be eliminated easily in a short time.  However, if we take three cups of vinegar water (10 gr. powder) every day, we can get rid of obstinate stiff shoulders completely and recover our agile and flexible body in three or four days.  The power of this vinegar is remarkable.

The stiff muscles in our back and shoulders make us depressed and unpleasant.  This disease is said to be peculiar to the Japanese.  We have not found any medicine for it so far except some plasters which have little effect.  With vinegar, you need not suffer from it anymore.