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Health Institute News - Probiotics

Health Institute News 2012

Probiotics - did you know?

  • There are ten times as many bacteria in your gut as there are cells in your whole body.
  • That is no less than a hundred trillion live microorganisms inside the human body.
  • That few people appreciate the symbiotic relationship humans have with the bacteria in their bodies. In fact it is suggested that at a cellular level we are more bacteria than human.
  • That 99% of the genes in the human body are bacterial.
  • These bacteria not only help digest our food by breaking down nutrients in our diet, but also manufacture vitamins, protect against infection and even interact genetically with the immune system and one's liver to regulate everything from the way fat is metabolised to inflammation.
  • We all have a different mix of these microbes some healthier than others, for instance the bifidobacter species.
  • Changes in the relative proportions of these different species link to various illnesses such as asthma, coeliac disease, diabetes, eczema and IBS. What has yet to be discovered is whether the health problem influences the change in the microbial mix or the microbial is the cause of the health problem.
  • The gut of the baby is sterile while in the womb. It develops its particular microflora on the way out as he or she comes into contact with microbes     living in and around the vaginal wall. This is nourished by the probiotics in breast milk which encourages the growth of certain species such as the 'healthy' bifidobacter.
  • Babies born by caesarean section and who are bottle fed miss out on this natural microbiota mix and have a different set of species.
  • There is still much to understand about the gut flora and its relationship to health and illness but as one eminent doctor put it — "taking an antibiotic is like throwing a nuclear bomb down your gut and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary — particularly in young children".
  • Good bacteria thrive on a diet of whole grains, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.


New research is showing that not only is our Gut Health an important part of our immune system, but that it also is being refered to as our Second Brain!  The reason for this is that many of the controlling aspects of our system was thought of as being part of the brain's remit - but increasingly, this control is being orchestrated from the Gut and not the brain.

Remember, when you take an Antibiotic you must understand what the consequences of these useful medicines do to our systems.  The term 'Anti-Biotic' should instill hesitation in you as to when you need to use these drugs.  They do, without any doubt save lives on a daily basis and they have been invaluable to humanity since their discovery.  But using them on everything has been our downfall!  They will only work on Bacterial Infections - Not Viral infections, so using them on things such as colds and flu with be futile and will in fact make your system even weaker.

Think of an 'Anti-Biotic' as a small Atom Bomb going off in your gut!  Especially Wide Spectrum antibiotics, which are more powerful and harmful to our sensitive systems.  We as humans are literally a vast complex of biology and bacteria, and using a 'antibiotic' will cause the gut to be cronically depleted in gut flora (good biotics) which enable us to live and thrive amongst the many different organisms that inhabit our planet and ourselves.

Once the antibiotic is in your system and it goes to work, your gut health which is also part of your immune system is severely harmed which can leave it open for other more harmful bacteria to take hold in your once populated gut.  It can allow yeast infections such as Candida to establish itself that can cause your health many problems for years to come if it not treated with  a new supply of Good Probiotics.

If you need an antibiotic to combat an illness then please take a course of a Good Strength probiotic to replenish the gut as quickly as possible - those who do not may well fall ill with some secondary health problem in the following weeks after taking their antibiotics. Going to a hot country such as Egypt, or the far East can result in syptoms such as Delhi-belly, which has been felt by many.  But a course of probiotics taken before travelling may save you an illness that others submit to.

Use your head and trust your Gut - it knows what is good for you.