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Germinating Seeds

Why grow seeds and sprouts at home?

• Easy to use
• Simple to clean
• Scratch and shock resistant
• UV resistant
• Made from eco-friendly food safe glass acrylic
• Contains no cadmium or formaldehyde
• Rotund, transparent seed trays with ventilation slats ensure optimum light incidence and air circulation (flow of oxygen)
• An irrigation system that's been tried and tested a hundred times over
• Dishwasher safe to a temp. of approx. 85°C (place in upper rack of dishwasher only)

Sprouts provide your body with a daily source of vitamins as well as valuable proteins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes. During germination, there is a sharp increase in the vitamin content of sprouts; moreover, carbohydrates, fats and proteins are partially broken down, increasing their digestibility.

• Weight for weight, sprouted seeds contain more nutrients than any other natural food known to man - enough to rival even the best supplement pills available.
• Due to the fact that they are basically ‘baby plants', they contain high concentrations of valuable enzymes, proteins, mineral substances, trace elements and natural vitamins.
• Sprouts also contain excellent fibre that is beneficial to the intestines and regulates the digestive process.
• Since they grow right up until the moment they're picked, practically no nutrients are lost.

How to Grow Sprouts

Measure out the required amount of seeds (different seeds require different quantities) - click here for more information

• Place in sieve and rinse thoroughly
• Soak seeds for up to 12 hrs.
• Rinse thoroughly
• Place in germinator positioned in a well lit spot not in direct sunlight at room temperature (18-22°C)
• Water twice daily
• Sprouts are ready after 4-5 days.

What to look for and expect.

After a couple of days you will start to see little shoots forming: this is the start of germination. You may see little white fibres on the sprouts . This is perfectly normal but can often be mistaken for mould at a glance. Mould will have a musty smell and looks like grey fur!