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Posted by Paul Zwierzanski on

Hi folks
It has been brought to our attention that some people have left somewhat lacklustre reviews about us and our shop on various review sites.  As you all know it is diificult to counter this type of report when it is not being told as the whole story so here are a few explanations in defense of our store.

As a food store we limit dogs allowed in our store to small dogs that can be carried and larger dogs we are happy to hold onto whilst the owner gets their required purchases.
We have been reviewed as not liking children!  We have glove puppets to amuse children and do so on a regular basis.  When some children are abusing shop products we ask their mothers to stop them and some take offence at that.  We cannot tell how people react to certain requests.
finally, one person of late has even suggested that we are racist.  This however colud not be further from the truth  as I myself have attended a Hindu funeral, marriages and other celebrations.  We also welcome ALL nationalities into the store regardless of their colour.
It is very hurtful that people seek some kind of revenge to punish anyone who does not fall into line over their wishes.

Sorry for having to type this blog post but we feel that we are being unfairly targetted with little chance to put our side across.  Those who do shop with us will know that we are none of these things.

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